Battlegrounds Mobile India Is Back with Bang, Now Officially Released To Android Users

Battlegrounds Mobile India Is Back with Bang, Now Officially Released To Android Users

PUBG MOBILE INDIA or should we call it Battlegrounds Mobile India has now officially launched in India for everyone, today, on July 2nd. After leaving the fans disheartened back in September 2020, Battlegrounds Mobile India has made its arrival back in form of early access until now, and after a long wait in hope for its return, Krafton has now officially released BGMI for the public and can be downloaded instantly with a stable internet connection from the Google play store.

Many Indian creators have being live-streaming Battlegrounds Mobile India on YouTube and other platforms, via early access, and also they’ve been giving their viewers hint about its official release for everyone which turned out to be true.

Big YouTubers such as Carryislive (Aka. Ajey Nagar), Dynamo Gaming (Aka. Adii Sawant), Scout (Aka. Tanmay Singh), Mortal (Naman Mathur), Kronten Gaming (Aka. Chetan CHandgude), and other popular Indian content creators are gaining a huge number of views and live-viewers watching them due to Battlegrounds Mobile India’s hype in the country. BGMI turned out to be an excessive success in India with Krafton confirming over 10 million players have downloaded the game already.

CEO of Krafton shared his views on the official launch of the Battlegrounds Mobile India saying,” We at KRAFTON are happy to introduce BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA for our beloved fans in India today. Designed and crafted for our Indian fans & gamers, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will continue to provide a superlative gaming experience. This is just the start/beginning of a full series of new content upcoming, collaborations and esports tournaments will be conducted simultaneously, and we will strive to ensure that our fans and community can fully enjoy the best battlegrounds experiences.” 

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