Polo G: Popular Rapper Got Arrested in Miami Following Album Release

Polo G: Popular Rapper Got Arrested in Miami Following Album Release 

Taurus Tremani Bartlett, also known as Polo G, a Chicago-raised rap star got arrested in Miami, this Saturday confirmed.

Polo G, a 22-year-old, was pulled over around 1:00 A.M. on June 12th, according to the police department report obtained by Miami Herald, which Media could not have access because their public records department wasn’t open on weekends, told by Miami PD Spokesperson. The rapper was in the passenger seat with hired car and driver. 

He got booked at 8:00 A.M. at Turner Guilford Knight Correction Center for five charges which estimated in totaling $19,500, according to jail records obtained by the Miami Herald. The alleged charges included resisting arrest with violence, battery on a police officer, and criminal mischief. 

The next day after his arrest, on Saturday morning, the Miami Police Department Led out an official statement by tweeting that they are well known of the incident involving Mr. Taurus Bartlett, popularly known as Polo G, and another male. We will provide details and updates as they become available to them.

Polo G’s mother and manager, Stacia Mac, recently cleared on Twitter that he has now been released on bond, according to the Associated Press. 

As if now it is clear if the police had the lawful right to pull over Polo G in such away. Miami Herald reported that Officer Brandon Carrero supposedly got in a struggle with Polo G, another officer Joseph Acuna, who was present at the scene, described that the rapper was striking/attacking Carrero a couple of time in the head, forehead, and cheek while Brandon Carrero was trying to get him under control by handcuffing him and Polo G shouting, “I will kill you, I swear to god I will use these fists to beat the shit out of you and knock you out,” while in custody. 

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