Doja Cat: ‘Need To Know’ Newest Single Release Is Stupendous

 Doja Cat: ‘Need To Know’ Newest Single Release Is Stupendous

Doja Cat’s Newest Album “Planet Her” Released the newest single “Need to Know” on June 11th, 2021. Later the same day she dropped the music video. 

The TikTok viral sensation Doja Cat’s music video is relative of caliber concept: Starting the video, Doja and her girls hitting the night out on the town. The little twist is they’re all aliens, Doja Cat herself has a bear resemblance to AaylaSecura from Stars Wars – the world’s most popular movie series of all times.

 Music video kicking off with them lounging on the couch, and playing video games from Playstation 5 alongside her gang of baddies. It’s oozing with Doja Cat’s exotic usual playfulness as she shows her moves on the sofa and grinding the air dance alongside her girls.  Zooming from her spacious apartment to the nightclub in a self-operating adjustable pod car and it goes down into a Retro-futuristic Blade Runner world. 

The 25yrs Old Pop Artist embraces gaming as a casual gamer as a normal person would. According to Doja Cat in her world, games are just like any other source of entertainment like music or Television – they’re there. And the directors of Planet Her, Cable and Favicchio, support Doja cat on this theory. “We’ll are nerds behind the camera, just pick your section,” Favicchio said. It’s not about the “Nerd Culture,” it’s just something that’s cool, period. Cable told, “This never felt like nerdy in my eyes, I’m a big gamer and just an overall geek who gets attracted to 3D art and video games, I’ve been tingling to jump into this type of work”. 

Doja Cat has become a part of the trendy culture of mainstream creators/artists diving into animation culture and gaming. Popular rapper Megan Thee Stallion has never been shy about her love for anime and she has given shout out to Naruto and Sasuke in her earlier songs, posted pictures on her Instagram account of kakeguruicosplay, and even had a collaboration with CrunchyRoll to make her own line of anime-inspired clothing and promote it. 

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