BGMI: Data Requirements to Download it in Android Phones and More

BGMI: Data Requirements to Download it in Android Phones and More

Finally, after much controversy on PUBG MOBILE in in India Krafton has now successfully managed to bring back PUBG MOBILE to Indian players after a long await of 289 days, but it’s in a different form which as “Battlegrounds Mobile India”.

How much data required to download BGMI

Downloading the game is easy and more efficient now because Battlegrounds Mobile India is just over 700MB with 600 MB of resource file that is totally optional for the players but it includes some important High-resolution assets in the game. This gives players more freedom to choose where to download the required assets that they desire for quality gameplay and overall experience. Plus this version of PUBG MOBILE Saves up more space on the internal storage of player's smartphones.

The first thing that we noticed, that the main menu of Battlegrounds Mobile India is barely any different from that of its predecessor PUBG MOBILE and has all the essential assets that were in the Original global version of PUBG MOBILE. It has all the features such as Inventory, Missions, Royal Pass, Challenges, and more that players do use to have. 

For the PUBG MOBILE hardcore fans in India, this is very good news, keeping in mind that they get to play the game which are they used to playing with that great experience unstained. This version of PUBG MOBILE has more disclaimers in the game, but it does affect the overall gameplay experience by an individual.

Made For India

The Official Company Krafton claims that Battlegrounds Mobile India has been made from the ground up for the Huge Indian Audience. The teasers and posters on their official social media handles have shown the same assets as the Original the PUBG MOBILE global.

Developers have not yet launched Battlegrounds Mobile India, but the beta version of the game is now live for those who registered in their early access program and can download it from the play store. It clear that the game will be made life for all Indian players sooner than later.

Data Restore from Previous Accounts 

Krafton has made certain that Indian users retrieve their previous account data from Original PUBG MOBILE. This concludes that the time and money that players spend on their accounts will not go in vain and it will be recovered and used to play on this game too. Big relief for the Indian players who passionately played the game and build up their inventory and unique identity in the community.

Government Concerns about Battlegrounds Mobile India

The ministry has said that they can’t ban a game before it’s launched in the country. This definitely means that ministry has been keeping eye on this game in particular and ministers of the ruling party of India asking for a ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India. Although Krafton can argue on this important point that the game has its data in India, but they can’t argue that this is a different game because it is the same as PUBG MOBILE which was banned by the government with other Chinese apps.

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