Millions of PUBG Fans in India are eagerly waiting for the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is considered as an Indian version of PUBG Mobile. Although, the corporation is putting out some teasers across its social media handles, which has disclosed plenty of details about the game such as maps, skins, rewards, privacy policy, and more.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI) release date has not been officially confirmed yet, through reliable sources there have been many rumors about the date could be June 18th. The new Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI) opened Pre-registrations for the battle royale game on May 18th. Since the game was open for Pre-registrations, the Krafton studio has claimed to have received over more than 4 million subscriptions from Indian users.

Going into a virtual world, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BMI) is a battle royale game where numerous players strategize to brawl and be the last surviving man alive on the battlegrounds. In BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, players can fight it out in various game modes which can be one-on-one or squad-based. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release date Could possibly be June 18th

According to some credible sources and tips, Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date could be between June 10th or June 18th. In addition, a popular esports player, Abhijeet Andhare popularly known as Ghatak, claimed that Battlegrounds Mobile India can be released in the third week of June. It means that the game most probably could release in India on June 18th.

Battlegrounds mobile India system requirements 

The minimum system requirements are Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) or above and at least 2 GB of RAM memory would be sufficient to run this game on your android devices. However, Krafton studios have not mentioned anything about the launching of battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI) on IOS devices. But, a report from IGN India has claimed that the game developer is working on launching Battlegrounds Mobile India for the IOS platform as well soon. 

Battlegrounds Registration rewards, inventory

Krafton has officially announced that the people who have pre-registered for the game will receive four exclusive rewards. Those rewards are, the Recon Outfit, the Recon Mask, 300 AG (Ace Gold), and Celebration Expert Title. Moreover, many YouTubers and content creators have suggested that the players would be able to carry over their "Inventory" from previous PUBG MOBILE to Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, IGN INDIA, stated that won't be the case with Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI), Players will have to create their profile from scratch and won't be able to carry over their inventory from PUBG MOBILE to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

Battlegrounds mobile India new privacy policy for players under 18 

After PUBG MOBILE getting banned in India back in September 2020 due to its potential threat to Indian users, Battlegrounds Mobile India has now listed a new privacy policy for the game. 

For players below the age of 18 would need parental consent to make sure that one is legally eligible to play Battlegrounds Mobile India. This process would be carried out through verification done by providing the mobile number of the parent or guardian.

Users under the age of 18 would be restricted to enjoy the game for more than 3 hours a day. This is a huge relief for parents/guardians who are worried about their son or daughter's physical and mental health.

Also, players under the age of 18 years are limited to spend 7,000 INR for in-game purchases of services made in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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