‘A Quiet Place 2’ Exceeds $100 Million at the U.S. BOX Office in Pandemic Situations

 ‘A Quiet Place 2’ Exceeds $100 Million at the U.S. BOX Office in Pandemic Situations

“A Quiet Place Part II” a horror thriller has crossed a significant box office milestone. Directed by John Krasinki and starring Emily Blunt, the movie through the weekend has generated $108 million dollars at the domestic box office and internationally $80 plus million. Paramount Pictures is the only film to surpass $100 million in U.S. Box Office ticket sales.

This film eclipsed the box office benchmark in just 15 days from its initial release date. The ticket sales still have been slow to recover due to the pandemic that has been crushing to the film theater and their business, hence the $100 million mark wouldn’t be a considerably notable feat precedent to COVID-19 Pandemic. 

A squeal to the 2018 film, “A Quiet Place”, both of which follow a family is enforced to survive and navigate, in a post-apocalyptic world endangered by blind aliens with a severe sense of hearing. Following events that took place at home, the abbot family will now encounter the terrors of the outside world. Forced to set forth into the unknown, later they realize that the creatures that hunt by sense of slight sound are not the only threats loitering beyond the sand path.

“A Quiet Place Part 2 “, become the first blockbuster hit in months to play exclusively across the theater. After 46 days from the initial release on the big screen, it will land on online streaming services by Paramount Plus. The movie was debuted over Memorial day setting a record $48 million and took grand $58 million in the first five days of release in theaters. The first movie which ended its box office run with the massive amount of $340 million globally, made over a splendid budget of $61 million.

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