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You Need To Change These Settings If You’re a 4 Finger Claw Player – COD Mobile

claw setting

Hey guys, I will tell you something which is necessary for claw players. So, if you want to improve your aim and reflexes. Just read the whole article. I have covered everything in it.

What is Claw in gaming?

Claw is a four-finger technique that is used by some gamers to play games instead of using their thumbs. Using two fingers takes time to switch between button controls and that timing can decide your fate for winning or losing the match. So keep in mind claw is for multi-tasking in the game and it can make you fast as Flash. 

So basic things in four-finger claw

  • 1st is the aim button, 2nd is the shoot button as you see in the above image.
  • But here, you need to use the RIGHT fire button instead of LEFT because you can’t fix the perspective of the left button.”

You have to go into controls and select Advance mode then turn HipFire for every weapon here.

The left fire button is for the two-finger players which means the button moves the SCREEN when you hold and move the button simultaneously.

Now you have to hide the LEFT button and add the RIGHT fire button. Just take it to the middle left side and scale it as low as it can then click the hide button.

After this, the screen still moves when holding the RIGHT fire button. The screen will also move even with the AIM button which we will fix now. 

So both buttons are supposed to be of fixed perspective. 

 Now you have to enable the RIGHT fire button for fixed respective as shown in the above image. Then the screen will not move when you hold the RIGHT button.

For better reflex, while playing the game you can Tap and Hold to ADS(Aiming Down Sight). With Tap and Hold your ADS won’t be stuck in some situations when you get sweaty.

What is Aiming down sight?

ADS is a video game acronym that means “aiming down sight”. It is often used in Call of Duty and other FPS games like PUBG Mobile in which players change into sight mode with their weapons to increase shooting accuracy–so, in effect, they are aiming down the sight of their guns.

The Screen will still move with the Aim button so to fix that you need to disable the ADS button for rotation. 

Finally, now your screen won’t move with the AIM and Fire buttons and your claw accuracy will be improved from now onwards. Do let me know in the comment section. 

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Akash Ramsakha calls himself as SkoobTechie where he has over 5000+ followers on Instagram and makes videos on his YouTube channel TechiBoy and also works on some projects related to Android.

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