Battlegrounds Mobile India - The New PUBG Mobile India Coming Soon Teaser !

 What Happened Actually with PUBG Mobile in India? - A small overview

This started from the India-China Border Dispute after this Chinese apps were getting banned because of data integrity. As we are well known of China Apps were popular among all the apps in Google Play Store like Tiktok, CamScanner &, etc. In the list of those apps, PUBG Mobile was the most popular game in India with the most number of downloads. So it also came on the radar and then the game was removed from Google Play Store and App Store in September 2020.

PUBG MOBILE INDIA Comeback In Two Months?

So the game was banned in September 2020 after that PUBG Corporation moved the data from China to Korea as Krafton is the main holder for PUBG Corporation. Then the announcement was made in November 2020 that the game would return with a new name "PUBG MOBILE INDIA" and it was getting launch on November 12. Surprisingly Indian Government stopped the launch of the game due to some reason. 

What about PUBG MOBILE Hardcore Players like Esports?

The game was still accessible with a VPN but 50% of them stopped playing the game and some switched to other games like COD Mobile, Valorant, Warzone and etc. Esports was on hold as the game was banned, nobody wanted to stream the game as it was banned. But there were several YouTubers who were streaming the game with a different version called PUBG Mobile Korea. 

Present Day Scenario of PUBG MOBILE in India May 2021

New Company, New Name have been formed to help them to launch successfully in India. The Krafton developers giving their best to not happen again that happened in November 2020. So the game's new logos have been revealed as you can in the below image.


The South Korean video game developer today announced the reveal of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA which is developed by KRAFTON. The game will have a time period of pre-registration before the launch. The game will be to play only in India. Esports ecosystem will build with partners to collaborate with KRAFTON. 

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is here! 💥 Get ready for exciting action and a world-class multiplayer gaming experience on mobile!

PUBG MOBILE INDIA YouTube channel, Instagram, the Facebook page have been rebranded with the name of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA which is a really big name to say. As before PUBG MOBILE was simple to say for anyone but no worries everyone will be used it. 

The video went live at 11:00 AM on 06-May-2021 and the response from the audience (players) is amazing till now. Let's see what will happen next.

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